We proudly serve Intelligentsia Coffee.  Our drink offerings include espresso drinks, specialty drinks, sodas, shrubs, pour overs, drip coffees and more!

Baristas at work!

COFFEE by Intelligentsia 

Batch Brew Blend 
Single Origin Pour Over
Iced Coffee
Nitro (!) Iced Coffee 

ESPRESSO serving Black Cat Classic Espresso and High Lawn Farm milk 

Espresso double 
Americano 12 oz 
Macchiato 3 oz 
Cortado 4 oz 
Cappuccino 6 oz 
Latte 12 oz 
Mocha Latte a latte with chocolate 
Cardamom Latte a latte made with our homemade cardamom syrup
Seasonal Coffee Special spicy caramel latte 

TEAS by Kilogram Tea

Loose Leaf Tea  
Iced Tea 
Chai Latte housemade concentrate made with Kilogram Tea’s Masala Chai
Seasonal Tea Special Turmeric Latte 


Raspberry Lime Rickey 
Arnold Palmer 
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 
House Soda 

Cider seasonal
Hot Chocolate