We proudly serve Intelligentsia Coffee.  Our drink offerings include espresso drinks, specialty drinks, sodas, shrubs, pour overs, drip coffees and more!

Baristas at work!

COFFEE by Intelligentsia 

House Coffee $2.34 12oz/ $2.80 16oz
Single Origin Pour Over Market Price
Cold Brew $3 12oz/ $4 16oz
Nitro (!) Iced Coffee $5

ESPRESSO serving Black Cat Classic Espresso and High Lawn Farm milk 

Espresso double $2.80
Americano 12 ounces $3.04
Macchiato 3 ounces $3.09
Cortado 4 ounces $3.51
Cappuccino 6 ounces $3.85
Latte 12 ounces $4.21
Mocha a latte with chocolate $4.42

Cardamom Latte our popular, spicy, sweet latte, perfect for warming you up this winter $4.67 
Eggnog Latte seasonal latte made with High Lawn Farm’s egg nog $5

TEAS by Kilogram Tea

Loose Leaf Tea  Market Price
Iced Tea $2.80 16oz/ $3 24oz
Chai Tea Latte made with Kilogram’s Masala Chai $4.21
Matcha Latte made to order with Kilogram’s Matcha $4.67


Lemonade $3.74
Housemade Soda flavors vary $3.74
Mint Limeade $3.74
Raspberry Lime Rickey $3.74
Arnold Palmer $3.74

Cider $3
Hot Chocolate $4.21