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  1. michael heit

    Just wanted to share my impressions
    I am a bread lover. I always search out bread bakeries where ever I go on vacation.
    My daughter is taking classes at BU this summer and before she left I went over web sites looking for the “Best Bread In Boston”
    In Saviour magazine as well as Boston Magazine they had a list and Clear Flour was voted best. Well it was OK better then the run of the mill but nothing extraordinary.
    I have had Acme in San Fran, Poilane’s and Pourjarain in Paris, Blue Duck, Amy’s, Bien Cutt and Tom Cat in NYC. Also Rock HIll Bakery in Glenns Falls. some of the best breads ever.
    I also have a starter in my Fridge that I got from King Arthur over 15 years ago that has traveled with me through two apartments and my house. (the strain is supposed to be over 250 years old).
    I saw your tent at the Assembly Mall Farmers market and went over. Well the first thing I noticed was the color of the bread. Nice and dark not pale and incipid, showing me that the bread was well done and caramelized. Then I asked if it was yeasted, The nice girl and guy said “No it uses a natural Starter”.!!! (looking good so far) Then she asks if I want to try some and I say “sourdough” (the barometer of all good breads).
    Well the next thing I asked was why they are not listed on any of the Boston and Foodie sites as your bread is easily the best bread I have tasted and seen in Boston by far.
    We then had a 15 minute conversation about bread and about San Francisco where she is from. She finished by telling me that I must visit the bakery and talk to the bread baker as we is also crazy about bread. I had to return to NYC later on Sunday but I will return and visit the baker when I pick up my daughter later in August.
    I cant wait to try your other loaves
    SIncerely yours
    Michael Heit

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